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Patient Transport Vehicle

The Patient Transport Vehicles are used to transport patients who are in stable condition and do not require much medical attention. This ambulance helps to transfer patients to and from medical facilities in non-emergency situations and this vehicle can be used for patients who no longer require specialized care. 

Basic Life Support

The Basic Life Support Vehicles are essentially used to provide basic medical care to those people who are in non-life-threatening situations. They are not equipped to sustain critical emergencies for a prolonged duration. These vehicles are mainly used for patients who need non-emergency medical transportation with a medical staff observing them.

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Advanced Life Support

The Advanced Life Support Vehicles are equipped to provide emergency service for urgent prehospital treatment and stabilization during serious emergencies and to transport the patients to definitive care. These ambulances are mainly used to treat critical emergencies where there is a need for respiratory support or oxygen support.

Air Ambulance

We support by dispensing Air ambulance services focused mainly on offering emergency air care services globally. These services are useful in treating emergencies where patients need extremely important medical care which is not within their vicinity.

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